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Positive Parenting is an EFFECTIVE and affectionate parenting style. Positive Parenting methods, though powerful, are not difficult to implement nor do they take long to see a positive effect. Positive Parenting will change how you parent for life, and how your child views and manages the world from now and into adulthood.

How You Parent Today, Impacts Your Child For Life.


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Welcome to Achieve Life Balance

Parenting can be a struggle.  And we, as parents, often feel alone on our journey.
My goal with Achieve Life Balance is to help you with your parental efforts and reassure you: you are not alone!The Only Effective Way to Parent


Susan Graham, CFLE
Certified Family Life Educator

Parenting Coach
Parent & Family Workshop Developer

Hey There, I’m Susan!

I’m a Certified Family Life Educator, Parent Coach & Course Creator, wife & mother of 3 incredible humans. I know all about the challenges parents struggle with as we juggle multiple hats and busy lives.

I know because I’ve lived it myself.

You Are Not Alone In Your Parenting Journey.

My programs and workshops utilize the most effective, evidence-based methods available, designed for convenience and simplicity.

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