What Are You Capable Of?

Highlight packages 6Before we get to that answer, let’s look at ten things you probably didn’t know about me…and why I should not be a success. (Bear with me…I promise, this really isn’t about me at all.)

I’m an introvert. Good friends know, it’s almost impossible to get me out at night unless I’m with family.

  1. I was anxiety ridden for 30 plus years.
  2. I was afraid to try new things (and still I prefer status quo)
  3. I am NOT a risk taker.
  4. I hated giving speeches.  HATED it!  I’m known for mixing up my words (using the wrong word or mixing up my sentences).  Dyslexia runs in my family, and I swear it impacts verbal speech.A few more things about me….
    6. I started my own business that requires me to communicate with strangers, and well almost everyone.
    7. If I want to succeed, I have to dismiss every single fear that holds me back.
    8. I’m not a lawyer or accountant, but I’m learning how to understand them. I built my own website after months and months of trial and error. I’ve avoided social media until now, and it shows, yet here I am.  I’ve changed everything!
    9. I’m risking my time, my money, my reputation, my fears, my identity, my comfort zone, and if I fail….?
    Well, I can choose to follow this fear…but then where will I end up?
    10. I teach classes in many communities. I meet new people every day, and–force myself to network.

Some interesting finds:
The more knowledge I gain, the more comfortable I feel.
Ignoring my fears is finally becoming my new habit.
I’m actually starting to love networking. It’s the best part of my job.  Everyone has so much to share!

Leaving your comfort zone is “easier said then done”.  It requires hard work and dedication. But you–yes, youcan do it. Here’s where you start:

1) Believe you are worth it.  Recognize your value.  Recognize that you deserve to succeed. Recognize that it’s okay for you to spend time and energy to improve yourself.

If you’re struggling to apply these concepts, find your child, look into his eyes and try to tell him he holds no value, that he will not succeed, and that he is not worth the time. Children model our behavior and our beliefs. Your child is absolutely worth it and so are you.

2) Believe you are capable “Fake it ’till you make it”.  No one, I repeat no one, starts out with full knowledge. One thing is for certain: you will not reach the finish line if you don’t run the race. One foot in front of the other.

3) Dismiss the fears. Very few people are truly fearless.  For deep rooted anxiety, it’s worth speaking to a professional.  But if you hear yourself saying “I’m not good enough” or “I could never…” recognize you’re telling yourself a lie.

4) Just do it. There’s a reason this motto was so effective. Sometimes you just have to dive in.

So, let me ask again…what are you capable of?  You tell me.

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