Freelance? Me?


Use your current skills, past experience, even hobby knowledge to create a product or service you’d love to sell.

Of course, some jobs might require a class or certification, and all require a persistent can-do attitude.   You might even have to offer a few freebies to friends or potential customers to gain referrals and a following.

Below is just a brief list of real freelance opportunities:

Time Management/Organizer
Great at organizing, managing time/schedules, budgeting, even confidence-building?  Help others build those skills, as well.

Fashion Expert or Blogger
Do you have excellent fashion sense, know how to accessorize and love to shop? Believe, me, not every woman can build a runway wardrobe.  Save customers money in the long run by picking pieces they’ll actually wear and look fabulous.


Catered Homemade Meals for Busy Families
Love to cook?  Do you usually make more food than your family can eat?    When you cook for your family, cook for your clients (create the same dishes in separate containers).  If it’s easier, cook an entire week’s worth of meals in one or two days and store them in the freezer. Deliver them to your clients’  homes based upon on agreement.

Our web-based world needs writers–of all varieties. Think you can’t be a writer if you’re not a journalist? Research and quality writing will always be key. However, opinions sell and subject matters rule. Are you opinionated? Comedic? Have obsessive knowledge on a particular hobby or industry? Although time, patience and continued effort are required: offer your services as a blogger, marketing specialist, resume designer, etc.  If friends come to you for advice, you might be the perfect candidate for a columnist.  Pick a comfortable topic (parenting, relationships, etc.).  Send a few sample columns (reviewed by friends) to your local paper or favorite on-line magazine.  Don’t fret if they accept your column, don’t pay.  Those published clips are your ticket to higher paying opportunities.

Here are a few other real freelancing opportunities (and some useful links):

-Craft Blogger (see this excellent example)
-Virtual Assistant (VA blog example)
-Cupcake Baker
-Resume Writer
-Senior/Student Tutoring
-Computer Training (seniors)
-Cooking Classes for Kids (and/or parents)
-Budget Planner
-Bling Accesorizer
-Handmade Card Designer
-Foreign Language/English Language InstructorTeach English On Line
-Painting Bedroom Murals
-Animal Behavioralist
-Record Books on Tape
-Motivational Coach
-Garden Consultant