Susan Graham and Achieve Life Balance, LLC

B.A. Michigan State University
 – Parent and Family Educator
 – Title 1 Parent Involvement Coordinator (Huron Valley Schools)
 – Parent and Family Workshop Creator and Facilitator
– International Relationship Coach
– Currently working toward CFLE certification (Certified Family Life Educator)
 – Author and Journalist  (view published articles)







I have various titles. I’m a sister, daughter, wife, mother and business owner. But my most significant role is that of caregiver. The majority of daily tasks revolves around the wants and needs of those I’m responsible for.

What a wonderful role to have! And, yet, so many of us take on this mission without a single consideration for ourselves.

This is often true regardless of whether a woman maintains both household and career, stays at home full time, or manages something in between. We tend to our needs last.

Unfortunately, change can be scary especially if you don’t know where to start. My life was heading in a very different direction than I had anticipated.  I’d let my resume lapse along with my skills, connections and confidence. My sleeping patterns were a mess. I’d long given up my hobbies. “Now what?” I wondered.

It didn’t take long to discover I was far from alone. All around me other women were asking the same question: “Now what?” when faced with a transition. This was true regardless of whether it was a parenting concern, potential career change, pending divorce, an empty nest– anything big or little that changed their status quo begged that same question.


Life coaching was a natural fit in my effort to help women move forward. After receiving training and coaching sessions from mentor coach Marion Franklin, a Master Certified Coach (MCC is the highest level of certification you can receive from the acclaimed International Coach Federation), I designed a goal setting program that helps individuals walk through their unique “Now What?” moment. Achieve Life Balance, LLC, is the result.

Achieve Life Balance is not a one size fit all solution. My goal is to help clients find not only their own balance, but the balance of their entire household. Achieve Life Balance is not a pie-in-the-sky, follow your dreams and forget everything else solution, but rather an opportunity to blend your personal needs and passions with the real world and those that mean the most to you.


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