Not enough time for your spouse? Start here

Sit down together. On a separate piece of paper, take five minutes for each of you to write down as many couple’s activities/connections as you can. Include activities/connections that fit in the following categories: those that take less than 1 minute (such … Continued

What Are You Capable Of?

Before we get to that answer, let’s look at ten things you probably didn’t know about me…and why I should not be a success. (Bear with me…I promise, this really isn’t about me at all.) I’m an introvert. Good friends know, … Continued

Even Small Steps Move You Forward

Ever had a day you couldn’t wait to get through? How about a week? A month? Gasp–a year? Sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint the cause of such trials (a dreaded job, a major lifestyle change). Other times, it’s nearly impossible … Continued

The Benefits of Coming Undone

Undone. Unravel. Are we talking breakdown? Absolutely. A mental and emotional breakdown. To be absolutely clear: I’m not referring to a psychological meltdown of any kind. Let’s try: Untangle…unfold…unbend How about: Straighten…align… Is the picture getting clearer? Sometimes our mind is so … Continued

Survey: SAHM Planning Ahead for Your Career

Are you a SAHM contemplating a future return to work? Have you already returned to work and want to share your advice? Perhaps you are a SAHM mom and have no idea what your future will look like. Get your … Continued