Offered for court-ordered clients.  Private, personalized, flexible and convenient.  Classes are typically offered in Oakland (sometimes Genesee County). Certificates of Completion are available.

Course Curriculum: 

Personal Stress Management/Personal Responsibility/Modeling Behavior

  • How stress impacts individuals, parenting, and children for life
  • Stress management techniques (recognizing stress and triggers, deescalating conflict)
  • Understanding/establishing personal control. Children feel safe when parents act responsibly, model controlled behavior, and provide a stable environment.
  • Understanding parental control: effective and appropriate use of control/influence
  • Understanding control as it relates to co-parenting in separate households

The 4 Parenting Styles (authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, neglectful)

  • Understanding the parenting styles; How each style impacts children
  • Recognizing your parenting style; Understanding your co-parent’s style
  • Positive/authoritative parenting techniques

Positive Parenting Methods

  • Understanding how children learn (to become functioning adults)
  • Punishment vs. discipline, Rewards vs. bribes, Positive reinforcement
  • Positive parenting techniques

Implementing the 6-Cs
(Collaborative communication, Clear and appropriate Rules/Expectations/Responsibilities, Consistent responses, Committed to following-through, Creative problem solving, Caring home and unconditional love)

  • Based on authoritative principles (positive parenting techniques)
  • Raising future adults (responsibility, life lessons, independence, problem solving)
  • Creating a personalized 6-C family plan

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