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What Would You Like to Gain From Taking Parenting Classes?

Parenting is not only the toughest job you’ll have, but one of the most significant. After all, your job is to turn a dependent child into a self-sustaining adult!

Of course, you want to be the best parent you can be? But what does it take to be the best you can be? Is it even possible?  What if you already feel off-track?

The questions can feel insurmountable.  Why? Because children are constantly evolving, changing, growing–that is their job!  Every time we think we finally got it down–BAM! They switch things up on us.  It’s at these moments, we secretly ask ourselves “What the heck did I sign up for?”   Despite the love and joy we have for our children, the stress can easily build and our energy drained.

What are some of the biggest parenting struggles?

Different parenting styles.

Just as our children will be molded by our parenting methods. We are a product of our own childhood. Our spouse is a product of his or her childhood.  Parents either emulate their parents disciplinary techniques OR oppose them by parenting in an opposite manner. Either way, each of us base our parenting style on what we RECOGNIZE.  If our spouse was raised in a household with a strong disciplinarian, they are more likely to be very authoritarian (It’s my way or the highway”).  These differences can often be a source of parental disagreements, even fights. It can also create a sense of in cohesiveness within the household–something kids are really good at recognizing, and sometimes taking advantage of.

Ineffective Parenting styles.

Not only are we likely to have different parenting styles, most of them are not as effective as we believe.  Learning to recognize your parenting style is the first step, understanding your co parents style is the second, getting on the same cohesive AND effective page is the next step. You’ll always be honing your skills through your parenting years.  Learning the best techniques now, can change your entire household! This is one of the most significant changes you can make to improve your life, your relationship with your spouse and build the foundation that your children will model for life.

Tantrums, behavior issues, stressed out or anxious kids, etc.

Tantrums are not just for terrible twos.  I’m not just talking about toddlers, teens experience temper tantrums too! Temper tantrums are virtually the reaction a child has when they’re caught between emotional stages in life (the fear and frustration that derives from being stuck between dependence and independence).  Toddlers and teens alike both experience this moment in time, where they want to spread their wings, and can–but not without significant limitations. Certainly, tantrums are not the only behavior issues parents face. However, it’s important to note that just like tantrums, there’s a reason behind every single behavior issue. Understanding what’s behind the behavior–whether a physical or mental ailment, stress or anxiety, pushing boundaries, even your parenting style–will not only help you properly address the behavior, but allow you to reduce future events.
ADHD, Autism and Other Concerns
Achieve Life Balance provides parenting coaching, and does not offer counseling services nor can I diagnose potential issues. If your child has ADHD, ADD or autism, or if you’re concerned this might be an issue, I highly recommend speaking with your child’s pediatrician. There are many local and affordable services available to assist you as well. I always encourage parents to trust their instinct. Many times, mothers have stated that they knew something needed to be addressed to help their child.  Sometimes, it required years of persistence. This isn’t too say that your instincts are always accurate or that the issue is significant or long-lasting concern, but to trust what you know about your child as a guideline.

While, you may benefit from parenting courses that address these specific concerns, it may be helpful to know that parenting courses in general can provide some relief. In general courses teach parents how to work together to create a cohesive, structure household which provides comfort to parents. My courses, teach stress management and techniques that can help reduce and manage parental stress, which benefits the entire household. In addition, if you have other children in your home, parenting classes can provide many useful tools to help ensure all of your children are benefitting.

Instilling values


While you will often be challenged, parenting doesn’t have to drain you.



Guess what, stress alters our parenting! It not only makes us less patient, focused and effective, we’re cranky and easily irritated. Worse, our children learn to recognize our stress, AND model it.



For most of us, the stress of parenting builds amid the tremendous joy and love, and yet, our energy dwindles. Sometimes, we doubt our discipline methods, perhaps we start yelling, maybe we give in one too many times.





If you have a young tot, that time may seem too far away to contemplate–but believe me, it really does fly by. And if you have a teen–well, you may already be aware of just how few “molding” moments you have left.  Suddenly, you find yourself wondering: Is she ready for the real world?  Did I prepare him enough? Or maybe, you’re fretting over the “If onlys..” or “I should have”.

Of course, you want to be the best parent you can be!

These classes can help you gain significant insight into child(ren)’s world. The right class can help you modify your parenting techniques, honing in on your best skills while eliminating ineffective ones.  Parenting classes can help you bring structure back into your home, improve co parenting concerns and address behavior issues.


What will I learn in a court ordered parenting class?

Achieve Life Balance parenting courses usually begin with a session on stress management. This is not typically found in most parenting courses. However, research shows parental stress has a huge impact on how you parent, and how your child learns to manage stress. And if you’re feeling stressed now–imagine how your child feels!  I rarely remove this session from the workshop. I can’t tell you how many times this simple, but effective session, has improved a client’s comfort level.  Achieve Life Balance helps parents understand control as it relates to parenting, children and even co parents. We also cover the different parent styles and how they impact a child’s behavior. We cover the most effective parenting methods, and teach you how to create an atmosphere where your child is encouraged to make good decisions and learns to problem solve. You’ll learn the difference between punishment and effective discipline and learn how to create consequences that really work! Your house will run smoother with less effort because everyone will know what to expect and when to expect it.  That means less stress for you and your children!  Even more exciting, is that I teach methods that allow you, the parent, to be more readily prepared for misbehavior without yelling or fighting–again, leading to reduced stress. This program is not a one-size fits all, however. I teach my parents, three very distinct questions that allow them to adjust their disciplinary methods to match each unique child and situation.

What won’t I get from Achieve Life Balance courses:
Although I do modify the classes to match the age of the children in the household, I do not cover child development (ages and stages). This is not a class on infant care. (Check your local hospital or social services programs for these classes).  I only provide classes to adults (parents and guardians) and do not work directly with children.

Is Achieve Life Balance right for you?
If you’re seeking a free or low cost on-line or group workshop the answer is no, although Achieve Life Balance does offer community workshops from time to time.  The best way to determine if you’d like to work with me is to simply call me at no charge to you. I’m happy to talk directly with you to see if I can meet your personal needs. It will also help you determine how comfortable you’d feel working with me.

As noted above, you’ll also want to check with your attorney, judge, mediator or social worker regardless of which class you choose. Sometimes, I’m able to get the answer from your attorney or caseworker for you.


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