Life coaching is the process of working with a coach to help you discover your inner strengths while recognizing and eventually reducing negative and false ideals.  The client sets the agenda for each session and determines the general pace and direction.

Susan at Achieve Life Balance uses probing questions to help you identify your underlying thought patterns.

From there, you work on evaluating these thoughts: applying positive ideals while letting go of those that weigh you down.

Major fears and roadblocks are uncovered. Develop healthy strategies to overcome many of these obstacles.

Coaches are not cheerleaders, consultants or counselors. The goal of coaching is to help clients experience significant SHIFTS in perspective. These shifts are typically tangible (emotionally and/or physically observed by the client) “ah-ha” moments of clarity that enable a client to move in a forward, positive direction.

Questions? Just email or call Susan at 248-762-1081 for more insight. Be sure to ask about a discount and get $5.00 of your coaching session or workshop.

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Susan at Achieve Life Balance Can Help You:

Determine Your Needs
-What is out of balance in your life?
-What goal(s) have you always wanted to tackle?
-Are you in a transition/facing change?
-Are you overwhelmed with decisions or need to clarify your thought process? 

Establish Your Specific Goal
-What exactly do you want to attain?

Recognize and Eliminate Roadblocks
-Determine what has kept you from reaching your goals
-Learn how to remove these obstructions
-Uncover any fears holding you back
-Recognize and understand unattainable goals

Put Yourself Back in Control
-Learn to empower yourself
-Think outside-the-box for solutions
-Make confident decisions

Create a Goal Plan
-Break down your goal into manageable steps
-Recognize the signs of derailment before it’s too late
-Acknowledge and reward success

Build a Support System that Works for You
-Who and what will help ensure your success
-Connect with supportive women within your community
-Achieve Life Balance support sessions are available (accountability calls, check-ins, and goal realignment when off-track)

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