New Client Special 

Slide430 Minute Parenting or Goal Setting Session: only $25.00!       55 Minute Parenting or Goal Setting Session: only $55.00!
Clarify your thought process, discover and eliminate fears and roadblocks, evaluate the best opportunities, and create a viable goal plan. Perfect for anyone needing assistance with an important decision, a career return or career change, life style change, transition or other major change. (Face Time, Skype or phone)

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Parenting Classroom:
No need to pay for a babysitter or for gasSchedule a parenting session from the comfort of your own home using Face Time, Skype or your phone. (Several classes are available on-line.)

Career Exploration for Moms:
Considering returning to work? Determine if, when, where, and how to attain the best work/life balance. 

Finding Your Best Work/Life Balance:
Already working? Maximize your potential and evaluate the best opportunities for a comfortable work/life balance.

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Goal Getter:
You know what you want, you just need help getting there.

Clarity Goal Setter:
You have several goals in mind, but aren’t sure what options are best for you. Set a clear path.

What’s Missing? Personal  Rejuvenation:
Have you lost your passion? Are daily obligations taking over? Identify what is out of balance in your life and regain control.

Decision Maker Goal:
Need to make a decision, but not sure which direction you should take? Evaluate the options and determine what’s really at stake.

Game Changer Goal:
Contemplating a major change or opportunity, but not sure if it’s the best choice? Isolate each factor and weigh the potential outcomes.

Now What? Life in Transition:
Your life is changing.  Gather the tools you need to manage this transition and charter a new course.

ChrysanthemumSpecial Packages For Moms

Maximize Your “Mom” Goals:
Scheduling, organization, budgeting, parenting skills. Design a plan that ensures you’re getting the most out of this priceless chapter in life.

More Than a Mom:
Too busy taking care of everyone else’s needs to keep up with your own? Discover simple personalized ways to maintain your precious individuality.

Stay Career Relevant While Staying At Home:
Create opportunities to reduce gaps in your resume, and maintain key career-based relationships.

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The Power-Mini:
A great option that still includes a one-on-one consult to help you make decisions and move forward.          



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