Dealing With A Difficult Co-Parent

Co-parenting isn’t easy. You’re no longer with your ex for a reason, and yet your lives, and many major decisions, remain intertwined.

So what do you do when you and your ex can’t agree on a single thing? Your co-parenting styles are completely opposite.

Co-Parenting With the Ex

You and your ex are no longer together, but as parents, your lives will remain intertwined. No matter how much you disagree or dislike your ex, you must find a way to make co-parenting successful. First and foremost, you’ll want to adopt this mantra:

Parenting On the Same Page

Parents don’t always agree, even parents living in the same household. Along with money and sex, parenting is one of the top ten reasons spouses argue.

It makes sense. We weren’t raised in the same household. Each one of us brings our childhood experiences into the parenting arena.

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