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Susan and I had another great discussion, we touched on several important areas in my life. She came prepared with many helpful websites and suggestions regarding my insomnia, how to help overcome it and how it affects my whole sense of self. We talked about my relationship issues as well and she made me have an actual epiphany about something I was feeling and hadn’t realized was happening. I took some good notes and plan to apply some of her points in my daily life to help evoke positive change. She’s such a great listener and asks the right questions that make me feel safe talking about personal issues. I feel really supported by her and believe she comes by helping one think outside of their boxes honestly and sincerely. She helped encourage me to go back to school after a conversation last year where she simply asked me to think about my career satisfaction and the future…. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels a little lost or could use guidance in finding their way through the daily grind. I feel as if she is helping me cut through confusion that has overgrown and covered my path to happiness and personal fulfillments.