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Things are going really well!

I don’t plan on missing any session! This is important to us and we really liked it.

Private Client

We will definitely have you back!

The changes that we made this week have resulted in a huge difference for the good.

Private Client

Thank you so much. Susan,

Thank you so much. Susan, you are such a blessing to us. You’ve been on our minds throughout every week.

Private Client

I couldn’t have found a

I couldn’t have found a better teacher.

Private Client

Thank you!!!

Susan was a huge help in getting me to think about my situation in ways that hadn’t occurred to me. She helped me see past my hurdles and I cannot thank her enough!



Susan and I had another great discussion, we touched on several important areas in my life. She came prepared with many helpful websites and suggestions regarding my insomnia, how to help overcome it and how it affects my whole sense of self. We talked about my relationship issues as well and she made me have an actual epiphany about something I was feeling and hadn’t realized was happening. I took some good notes and plan to apply some of her points in my daily life to help evoke positive change. She’s such a great listener and asks the right questions that make me feel safe talking about personal issues. I feel really supported by her and believe she comes by helping one think outside of their boxes honestly and sincerely. She helped encourage me to go back to school after a conversation last year where she simply asked me to think about my career satisfaction and the future…. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels a little lost or could use guidance in finding their way through the daily grind. I feel as if she is helping me cut through confusion that has overgrown and covered my path to happiness and personal fulfillments.


Redefining myself and my work

Susan was my coach in 2015 as I was leaving my corporate career of 37 years in banking and finance to start my own company. This was a dream I had carried for over 20 years. Susan was a sounding board, transition coach, and accountability partner as we worked our way through the coaching relationship. I learned about redefining myself first, and then figuring out where I wanted our business to evolve to. It’s been an interesting first year, and I have Susan’s support to thank for a great launch into a whole new way of living and working.

Laurie D Battaglia

Angel Barkley

Susan was able to help me recognize my value as an individual. While I love being a mom more than anything in the world, I was starting to feel a bit lost as a person.  I’ve now dedicated a few hours a week to my passion-painting. Eventually, I’d like to turn my passion into a paycheck.  It can be done!


A conversation with Susan changed everything.