Congratulations Dawn Cable WON A FREE PARENTING WORKSHOP

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library 2Congratulations Dawn Cable!
Dawn won the FREE parenting workshop.  It was great meeting you Dawn!
WIN A FREE one-on-one (or couple’s) parenting workshop of your choice from Achieve Life Balance, LLC!*
The winner can choose one of the following parenting topics:
–stress management
–parenting on the same page (perfect for parents with different parenting styles)
–no yelling parenting (get your kids to listen the first time-without yelling, nagging or arguing)
–positive parenting techniques (teach your children how to become confident and independent thinkers)

The blind drawing will be held on Sunday 18th, 2016.


To participate email Susan at or text (248) 762-1081.
*Only one “winner” will be chosen, although the winner can be an individual parent or two co-parents. The workshop will be held in White Lake, Michigan. Locale is subject to change. Achieve Life Balance, LLC will work with the “winner” to determine specifics including the date and time of the workshop, as well as the topic.  Depending on the topic and participant(s’) pace, the workshop will last approximately 1.5 hours (maximum 2 hours).  The monetary value of this parenting package is $80.00 to $110.00, depending on the topic and length of the actual workshop (1.5 or 2 hours) and number of participants (1 or 2).  The “winner” is only entitled to a parenting workshop.  If the “winner” is unable to schedule a workshop, or chooses not to participate, there is no monetary payout. The workshop must be scheduled between September and February 2017.  The offer for the free workshop will expire March 1, 2016.